How to change Strata Companies

How to change Strata Companies

1. Find out your contract expiry date

If you are looking to change Strata Management companies the first thing that you need to do is find out when your current contract expires as it is only possible to exit an existing contract in extenuating circumstances.

2. Obtain a Strata One quote

Obtain a Strata One quote by filling out the request a quote form and we will come back to you within three working days

3. Hold a Strata Meeting

Once you have decided to proceed with Strata One you need to hold a general meeting (or the AGM if this is due anyway) and include the termination and appointment motions on the agenda for this meeting.  We are not able to participate in this meeting, as we are not yet your managing agent.  However, we can assist with providing the motions and any other support that you require during this time.

4. Enter a new contract with Strata One

once you send us a copy of the meeting minutes we will send a copy of our agency agreement for signing, with a commencement date the day after your current agreement expires.

Next steps – what happens once the agency agreement is signed?

Within two weeks of our office receiving the books and records you should expect to receive:

Welcome Pack

You will receive a welcome pack from Strata One including key strata related information.  The delivery method will either be by post or e-mail according to the information received as your preference from Young Strata.  A contact details form will be included to reconfirm your details and give you the opportunity to update your preferred delivery method (eg. from post to e-mail).

The welcome pack will also include a levy invoice which will have new bank details.  Please ensure that you pay your levy including the new bank details. (For welcome packs issued by e-mail the levy will appear as a separate e-mail).

Portal Access

Following issuing of the Welcome Pack and levy notices you will receive an invitation to log into the portal where you can access all of the building information anytime from anywhere (if an e-mail address has been provided).

Committee member introduction from your Strata Manager

Your nominated Strata Manager will make contact with the elected Strata Committee members and arrange a time to visit your building.  At this point we will also be updating notices at your building such as the after hours signs.

Book a discovery call

Book a discovery call