Residential Services

Residential Services

Repairs, Maintenance & Upgrades

At Strata One we hare highly experienced at overseeing repairs, maintenance and building upgrades.

Strata Insurance

We work with a specialised Strata Insurance Broker to ensure you receive competitive pricing and peace of mind.

Strata Inspection Report

We make available the books and records for any potential purchasers or owners for complete transparency.


This is the hub of what we do and as such we employ a CPA qualified accounting team to ensure your finances are managed to the highest standard.

Strata Cleaning

Our strata cleaning partner ensures that the job is done on time, cost effectively and efficiently so you can focus on more important things.

Defect Management

Strata One specialises in defect management to ensure the best outcome for your property.

Debt collection

We take a personalised, hands on approach in relation to debt collection to ensure that all levy’s due are requested and collected in a timely manner..

Cost reduction

We manage disputes to minimise costs, stress and time .

Project Management

Strata One offers project management for major refurbishment or defect rectification works.


Strata One offers a broad range of consulting services to owners, developers and the media.


We work with the strata committee to establish accurate budgets ensuring that there are adequate funds and levies are reflective of the buildings needs..


This is the hub of what we do to ensure that there is effective communication and your building runs smoothly.


Strata One partners with several specialized strata legal firms to ensure all of your legal matters are taken care of.


This is a critical area and includes areas such as fire, window locks and lift compliance.

Strata Levies

Strata One ensures that all levy’s due are requested and collected in a timely manner.

Strata By-laws

We work with the Owners Corporation to ensure residents adhere to the by-laws for their building.

Take the Strata One health check

Take the Strata One health check