Our Vision & Values

Our Vision & Values


Our Vision is ‘to be part of a world in which all apartment owners feel a sense of community and can relax knowing that their asset is protected.’


We have a hands on approach
  • We visit our buildings regularly (every 3 months)
  • We understand the practicalities of our client’s needs
We empower client decision making
  • We provide customers with all the information required to guide them towards the best outcome for their property.
We are proactive and take initiative
  • We recommend initiatives such as preventative maintenance programs.
  • We identify issues before the client knows it’s an issue.
We communicate
  • We follow up on work orders on a regular basis
  • We keep all stakeholders updated on progress of work orders
  • We communicate via phone in addition e-mail and work orders when required
We treat our clients and suppliers as we would expect to be treated
  • We always respond to client enquiries within 24 hours, whether by phone or e-mail and we attend meetings on time.
Giving back to the community
  • For every new building 5% of the base management fee goes to selected charities
Green incentives
  • We are passionate about the environment and have joined the Green Building Council of Australia

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