In Safe Hands

In Safe Hands

Relax, knowing that the financial growth of your strata apartment is in safe hands

Our clients are relaxed knowing that their apartment building is managed effectively, within the budget.

Enjoyable living environment

You can relax knowing that your strata issues are in hand. Whilst resolving the issue quickly may not always be possible, understanding the detail involved in reaching a satisfactory conclusion makes the difference.

Trust in your Strata Manager

You will have a dedicated Strata Manager who really understands the needs of your building. With clear communication, you will have trust that your Strata Manager has the issue in hand.

Apartment growth

You can sleep well at night knowing that the well oiled strata management machine is operating like clockwork. You will have the certainty that resources and budgets are being managed effectively and compliance requirements are being met.

The easy way to manage your investment

The easy way to manage your investment

Strata One has an on-line portal which provides clients easy and secure access to their property information at any time and from anywhere.